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The Downbeat - 27 August 2009 - #45 - The Link Dump Edition

1_medium By my calculations, this is Downbeat #45 with 44 done by me and 1 done by moni (thank you). I'm going to start numbering them for the sake of, well, I don't know really. Just seemed like a good idea at the time. I can't believe how easy they're going to be when the season actually starts up and I'm not just re-posting Deron's twitter updates.

2_medium Looks like Boozer has finally been traded. I wonder how much salmon we got back for him?

8_medium Someone needs to ask Deron if he's done more this off-season than he did last year for the Olympics. He'll be in Champaign today doing another golf tourney fund raiser as well as a dinner and auction.

4_medium Weird. Who knew there was another Mark Eaton that was also a public speaker?

5_medium I kissed a KOOF and I liked it. Man, I would have loved to have had a video of that.