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The Downbeat - 28 August 2009 - #46 - The Feels Good To Be A Friday Edition

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1_medium The KOOF takes over the Acropolis (ht to @lockedonsports)

2_medium via, footage of the Ukraine/Hungary game with Fesenko.  Hadn't heard about the smoke break.

I wish we'd get to see what Fess could do given regular or even semi-regular minutes.  We all know that with Sloan though, PT comes from practice.  Plus, someone has to be the last guy on the bench, and I think this year it's going to be Fess.

8_medium I was in Fanzz yesterday to see about adding to my Jazz wardrobe.  As everyone already knows, Boozer jerseys are 50% off.  However, there were wristbands and McFarlane "action" figures of Boozer.  Those were still full price though.  I think I might still buy the action figure, break the leg off at the knee, and send it to his next team as a warning.

4_medium This is just a precursor of what's going to happen when the CBA runs out. Bill Simmons has mentioned this many times.  I agree that it's going to get pretty ugly.

About the refs though, they're a necessity in the game, but they're not revenue generators, as much as the refs would like to believe that they're the stars of the game.  I can agree with salary cuts because most nights these guys are just plain awful.  There are maybe 5 good refs in the league?  I don't know if I could even name them. 

We're not just talking about a couple of blown calls either.  They get into the game and think they're part of the act.  It affects their calls.  I'm not saying their job is easy by any stretch, but it's funny to see the league/ref relationship.  What other job could you do so poorly and not receive reprimands?  They're both incompetent.

5_medium Sounds like Deron is developing the habits of of Jordan and Barkley.  Here he admits that playing golf 3 times a week is a slow week for him.  And from this tweet we learn that he's a frequent casino attender.  How much do you think you have to bet per hole with him?  Let's hope he doesn't end up with debts like Barkley and some other players do.

For the gambling thing, it has to be about the competition and winning because we know Deron and all of the other high rollers don't need the money.  They're not there to try to turn $100 into $10,000, at least not for income purposes.  They're there to win, plain and simple.  I would hate to be the team that faces his in the Dodge Barrage.  You better hope you have a young Patches O'Houlihan on your team.