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The Downbeat - 31 August 2009 - #47 - The Month Of Deron Ends Edition

1_medium Are there any basketball camps in Dallas?

2_medium Here's a photo I've never seen.  I almost wouldn't have recognized Eaton if not for the jersey




8_medium D-Will working out with the Illini:

4_medium Good time at the SLCDunk fantasy football draft.  For those that football isn't your thing, fantasy basketball isn't too far away.  I'm sure we'll (and I mean Shums) will get a league up and running.  I'll try to post updates along the way here because I know everyone else is dying to know what's going on.

5_mediumThe month of Deron may be coming to an end, but the month of Ronnie B begins?  Well, more importantly, training camp begins, Stockton and Sloan head to the HOF, and maybe we see the last of Boozer in a Jazz uni.