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Deron Williams takes on Floyd Landis, throws down the gauntlett for Shaq and Lance

Thanks the heavens for Deron Williams. What other Jazz news would we have this summer if not for him?

Yesterday he took on Floyd Landis in a bicycle sprint and then a three-point shootout.

After give a head start (shhhhh), Deron was able to cross the line before Landis:

After wrestling and wearing the outfits that they do, I guess that wearing the cycling outfits are nothing:



After the race, Deron challenges Shaq to a race:

First off, who let in the guy with the Bulls shirt? If Shaq and Lance do race these these two, I would have to give the edge to Williams and Landis. Floyd and Lance are probably pretty even, but Deron would kill Shaq. I don't know how Shaq would get his bike going.

They topped off the day with a shooting contest which Deron won quite handily


Here's some of Landis' reactions after the competition (via his Twitter)

Sometimes I'm just too f#$%ing nice for my own good. Head start my ass! Miscalculated the catch.

We are not talking about the basketball score. Don't ask.

Hey, for a pseudo-event, it was fun and more people showed up tha you might have thought. Guess ball sports ARE popular. Who knew?

Landis also got a first-hand account of the competitor that is Deron Williams. I guarantee he wouldn't give him a head-start again. Deron should have reciprocated and spotted him 8 points.

A Landis/Williams and Shaq/Lance race could almost be a prime-time event.