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The Downbeat - 1 September 2009 - #48 - The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Edition

1_medium Sorry Deron, this is funny


via TwitPic

2_medium  If you haven't seen the FanShot, Masha reported that AK is about 110 (I'm assuming kg).  That puts him at about 240 pounds.  Given that he's listed at anywhere between 215-225, that's some pretty significant weight gain.  She also mentions that he's going to begin a training program this month.  That's still about 20 lbs. off of Ivan Drago's weight, but he's getting there.  This can only be good for everyone.

8_medium Putting all bias aside for a minute...  Let's say that Boozer somehow absorbs David Dunn's power and stays healthy for the next 8-10 years (come on, it's the off-season, work with me), and puts up somewhere around 20 & 10 for the majority of those years.  Is he a HOFer?

4_medium What's the over/under on the number of minutes the KOOF plays this season?

5_medium After Labor Day, it's all downhill.  I can almost hear sneaker squeaks, a rowdy ESA, and Deron throwing down over Boozer.  Wait, what?