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The Downbeat - 11 September 2009 - #55 - The HOF Edition

1_medium2_medium  It's been an unprecedented couple of years for the Jazz.  Last year, Adrian Dantley finally got the call.  Today we'll see John Stockton and Jerry Sloan inducted.  And next year, we'll see Karl Malone giving his acceptance speech (and possibly have LHM inducted as well).

With the current list of players we have, only Deron has a shot at making the HOF.  If he stays healthy, there's not reason he couldn't play another 15 years.  So add the 15 years to the 5 you have to wait to be nominated plus the year until the actual induction, it could be 21 years before we see another Jazz man in Springfield.

2_medium Part of me wants the KOOF and the Greek team to go deep into the Euro Tourney because he'll be getting some good PT against some of the top leagues in Europe.  The other part wants the Greek team to be eliminated soon so he can come back to the SLC and get in some workouts with the rest of the team and grace the Wasatch Front with his presence.

Make sure to head down to downtown Salt Lake if you're in the area for Greek Days in his honor.  It's on 3rd S and 3rd W.

8_medium I know there are a couple of readers in LA.  Anyone want to make a sign for @lockedonsports contest, in front of the Staples Center?

4_medium  Jerry Sloan article coming later today.

5_medium  Only two weeks until training camp.  Can you smell it yet?