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Ernie Johnson botches Jerry Sloan's Introduction

First, thanks to moni for finding this.  Make sure to check out her Jazz blog.

I don't know if he just misspoke, but it certainly looks like he's reading this off of notes. I'd like to see what his note card says.

Either way, here's what he botched if you missed it (all pointed about by moni).

  1. He started his coaching career in 1997 with the Bulls.  If that's the case, he's a damn traitor.
  2. He has almost 1,100 wins.  He actually has 1,136.  So if he's been coaching since 1997, that's a little over 80 wins a season.  Not bad.
  3. He won COY in 2004.  This is partially true.  He did win the Sporting News COY award but the COY award that everyone knows about actually went to Hubrie Brown that year.  You know the team that was suppose to win all of 10 games but ended up going 42-40 and just missing the playoffs?  Check out that lineup.  

For an intro that lasts 20 seconds, that's quite a mistake per second rate he's got going on.