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The Downbeat - 15 September 2009 - #57 - The Time To Get Writing Edition

1_medium  I'm a little late with this, and in Internet time I'm 2 months behind.  But we may see 00, Greg Ostertag or our favorite Stanford graduate playing for the Blazers this year.  Both of them had a workout.

I have to say that I would love to see Ostertag back with the Jazz...  as an analyst.  When the Jazz played the Suns last year (or was it two years ago), he was speaking with Bolerjack and Boone and was really quite funny.  He'd probably have to be a little more PC that he would like though.  He couldn't rip on Violet Palmer.

If the Blazers sign Collins, that would be fantastic.  Looks like he also worked out with the Cavs.  That would almost guarantee that he's not with the Jazz this year.  I say almost because I'm sure Sloan would pressure O'Connor to trade Boozer to acquire him.

2_medium  So the Greek team suffered their first loss of the Euro Tourney.  You all know why by now, right?  The KOOF was held out of action because of a stomach flu.  

Now before you lose your faith in the KOOF, I have it on good word that it wasn't the stomach flu.  He was purposely infected with the swine flu so that he could produce the vaccine.

He was down for a couple of hours while his body was processing the H1N1 DNA and churning out the vaccine which should be available at the end of the month.

Sometimes the survival of thousands of people is more important that basketball.  Watch him come back with a vengeance today.

8_medium Kyle Korver will end you in Dodge Ball, (once again, I won't link to the blog because I'm sure it has not other value to you and they don't want to traffic on a personal blog), talking about the Jazz team,

It was absolutely hilarious watching them play because they definitely wanted to win! They were even vicious! Kyle knocked a poor man down and he needed the medics to come and look at him! Of course Kyle was totally mortified and was the first one over to help him!

4_medium  Jerry has said many times that Stockton was the perfect player.  We could be coached, gave everything he had in practice, etc.  I got to thinking that I really couldn't think of a time while watching Stockton where I thought, "I can't believe he just did that" or "What are you doing?"

I'm sure time has dimmed the memory of watching him play as I'm sure he made some mistakes, but I don't remember agonizing over stuff.