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The Downbeat - 18 September 2009 - #60 - The Last Friday Of No NBA Action Edition

1_medium The city of Calabasas (where Bryon lives) interviewed Russell where he re-issued hi challenge to MJ. What's the minimum that Jordan plays for? Think he has to have some money on the line? Do you think he would donate it to charity or would he keep it?

2_medium These aren't any earth-shattering revelations, and really this could apply to any team, but here's a list of some of the things we need to happen this season for the Jazz to really contend,

  • Stay healthy. Every team has their share of injuries, but last year's team had limbs falling off left and right.
  • We need an explosion - Someone outside of Deron has to just blow up and really break out. Whether Boozer is here or not, this has to happen. Either Millsap has to push it to All-star levels, CJ getting crazy, AK returning to 2004 form, something. We'll still have a solid season, but to be contenders, we have to have this.
  • Win on the road - We don't know why they can't win on the road. My guess is that it's just a mentality. Whatever the routine is on the road, it needs to change. Follow the advice of George Costanza and just do the opposite. If everything you've done on the road is wrong, then do the opposite. Change the food you eat. Change the music you listen to. Something.

If we had those things last year, that's good for another 5-8 wins and I don't think that's an exaggeration. If we pulled out a couple more at home and even if we finished just 20-21 on the road, that's 2nd place in the west.

We're not that far off. We do need something to push us over the top though.

8_medium One week until media day for the Jazz.

4_medium In case you missed it on twitter, here's an interview with CJ Miles on No Look Pass. Chronicles of Crotty is one of the coolest names I've ever heard.

5_medium So I'm going to retire the Boozer face(s) for the While You Were Sleeping segment. I was expecting him to sign on with some other blog, but he turns around at the last minute and opts back in. So I just bought him out.

Who should replace him? Fess? Koof? D-Will? Should we put it up for a vote?