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The Downbeat - 21 September 2009 - #61 - The Top 5 MIP

Days when I'm mailing it in (usually because it's been crazy), I'll be putting up some top 5s.  Here's one of those days.

Up first are the top 5 Most Improved Players for the Jazz for 2009-10

1_medium  Andrei Kirilenko - Apparently he's bulked up which can only be good.  Ronnie B also bulked up last season and it didn't impact his leaping or agility.  He also didn't have to eat whole cow to do so.

2_medium  CJ Miles - Another that has been working out all off-season to bulk up.  We know this because he tweets about it all the time.  And if he's not working out, he's eating.

8_medium The KOOF.  He's had a year in the system and with Collins possibly heading to Portland or another team, he'll finally get his time to show what he can do.  His play in the Euro Tourney had been solid.

4_medium  Paul Millsap - He'll split PT with Boozer and I think he'll have something to prove, which is normally the exact opposite of what you get when a player signs a big deal.  We've seen Millsap play hard his whole career.  I don't think that's going to change now.

5_medium #5 is all on you.  Let me know who you think is going to be MIP.