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The Downbeat - 22 September 2009 - #62 - The Tuesday Before Training Camp Edition

1_medium  Greece wrapped up Euro Basket with a third-place finish, that coming despite the KOOF not playing the last 4 games save 7 minutes.  That means that he should be on his way back to the SLC.  Maybe he can get in a couple of pickup games with the the team before training camp.  Then he'll have to turn right around and head back to Europe.  Lot's of miles for that guy. I'm expecting big things from him.

2_medium  Speaking of the KOOF, I was going to hold another vote for Boozer's replacement for the While You Were Sleeping segement, but Kosta was the runway winner.  Look for his mug once the regular season starts. 

8_medium  Speaking of travel, most of D-Will's tweets this summer have been about flying somewhere.  His multiple trips to LA, Illinois, Texas, etc.  I'm guessing we don't see much tweeting on the road this season when the Jazz lose.  The last thing I would want Sloan to see me doing is playing on one of those new-fangled texterizers after we just blew a lead in Miami.

4_medium  Can't remember if I've linked to this or not.  This guy (I assume) is trying to collect the signatures for every Jazz player that has ever played.  Great project.

5_medium  As I sit here watching Sesame Street (man a lot on the show has changed since I used to watch it), I'm thinking that Deron would be a good guest on there.  Maybe he and Kyle could go on to teach kids about dodge ball?  Oh yeah, dodge ball is forbidden on most playgrounds now.

I still think he'd be great on there.  And I would love to see a dodge ball upside Elmo's head.