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The Downbeat - 23 September 2009 - #63 - The End Of An Era Edition

1_medium  In case some of you don't read Siler's blog, here's a bit from yesterday,

Collins said Tuesday that he's heading to training camp with Portland after spending eight seasons in Utah. All indications, meanwhile, are that Harpring will not be able to play this season on account of his continued ankle and knee problems.

Finally. we may see Sloan be forced to play the youngsters in Fess and Koof.  That doesn't mean that they'll see a lot of PT still, but should we see Memo get into foul trouble early, the KOOF might get a chance to step up.  With his solid play in the Euro League, we could see a big jump.

As far as Harp goes, the fact that he nor the Jazz have yet to confirm that he'll be back leads me to believe that he won't be back this season.  The next question then is what happens with him?  As Locke and others have said, he's not likely to retire and leave $6M on the table.  A buyout becomes the most logical.  But then the Jazz have to sign another player and I'm not sure what that does for the salary cap.  If they will take a hit, then signing one of the training camp invitees for the min makes sense.

The other option is that they keep him on the roster and then trade him, or at least his contract, to a team looking for cap relief.  Then they still have to sign someone else.

This may all be why we haven't heard anything on this because the FO is trying to work things out.

2_medium  Utah Flash owner Brandt Andersen tweeted and posted on his blog his latest proposition,

So here is my offer: Michael Jordan vs. Bryon Russell-1 on 1 challenge to 21. I will personally donate $100,00 to charity in the name of the winner. We can do it during the half time of the Utah Flash home opener on December 7th. $100,000 in cash for a 15 minute pickup game. MJ even you can’t say no to that. 

Unfortunately, he can.  MJ just woke up, stubbed his toe, and made $100K.  I do like that Andersen is calling him out though and making him back up his words.

Maybe to force Jordan's hand, he can have Russell hang out at the SLC airport, with his basketball shorts on of course, and hold up a sign with the name Jordan.

8_medium  I was downtown yesterday and as I was at a stop light turning left.  There was a black Ferrari waiting to turn left down the street I was coming from.  The windows were tinted, but with the light behind it, I could make out a profile.  It looked like Memo.  So when he finally turned, I tried to catch a glimpse through the windshield, but he was already up to 60 it seemed like.  When I tweeted about it, everyone let me know about the yellow Ferrari he has.  So I asked @CJMiles34 and he confirmed that he has a black one.  I don't know if that's in addition to the yellow one or if he's swapped it out.

4_medium   Just three more days...

5_medium  And just two more days until the circus rolls into town.  True, Barnum & Bailey will he here too.  But the circus that is Carlos Boozer also looks to be just as big.