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The Downbeat - 25 September 2009 - #65 - The So It Begins Edition

1_medium  Hope you have a good hangover remedy because you're going to need it after getting a lot more Booze than you can handle today.

I always hate about writing about the obvious stuff because everyone else writes about it and you end up reading about the same thing 100 times.

So if there's anything different about the Boozer story I can bring you, I will.  Otherwise, I'll probably just get links up to other stuff.

I for one just want it to be done with and let's get going on the season.  I do hope that Siler asks his question he brings up,

Did the Jazz and Boozer mutually agree to a trade as Boozer asserted this summer ? There is no middle ground on this issue. Either the Jazz failed to deliver on a deal or Boozer tried to force his way out of Utah by mischaracterizing their conversations.

There is no miscommunication here.  Either the FO told Booze they were going to trade him or Booze is lying.  We'll see how that gets answered.

Also, did this line sound familiar?

With apologies to the Ringling Bros.' clowns, tigers and elephants at EnergySolutions Arena this weekend, Carlos Boozer will be the ringmaster of a circus all his own today when the Jazz open training camp.

That's because I used the same comparison on The Downbeat.  Of course Siler didn't steal from me.  I'm not the only one that saw that parallel.

2_medium  So, on with the rest of The Downbeat.  Speaking of which, do I have to pay Shums royalties every time I use that now?

Did you think this day would get here?  The beginning of the season?  It's one of those things that if you look back to when the season ended to now, it seems like it's flown by.  Then again, each day seemed to creep by.  Hope you enjoy the season, because it's going to be May/June before you know it.  Hopefully this season ends with a win.

Thank goodness for the summer of Twitter.

8_medium  I'm finding out if there's going to be an open scrimmage like they hold in Boise each year.  Could be a good time for a SLCDunk meetup?

4_medium   I might be most excited about seeing/hearing from Andrei Kirilenko.  We have heard nary a word from him all summer as he's been kicking it with pigs on beaches.

But through his spokesman (Masha), we've learned that he's put on a ton of weight this summer and has been working out all month.

5_medium   Well, this sucks. Paul Harris apparently injured his ankle while playing a pickup game with Deron and the boys.  I don't remember seeing any tweets on that from DWill or CJ.

He was probably the one I was most excited about seeing play in camp.