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The Downbeat - 3 September 2009 - #50 - The Golden Edition


2_medium  More nostalgia.  One thing you forget about Stockton was just how quick off the dribble he was

8_medium  Here's one of Deron's quotes from yesterday's interview with Rome (from Jody Gennesy):

He went on the radio and said he wanted to play elsewhere. If he feels that way, that's fine. But he opted in, so he's a member of this team... Regardless if you like somebody on or off the court, as far as I'm concerned I'm going to play with him regardless because I want to win.

He goes on to say how much chemistry is a big part of winning.  I don't see how Boozer smooths things over.  I don't think his ego will allow for it.

4_medium  December could be the most brutal of the season.  Of the 15 games, 9 are on the road.  Of those 6 home games, 3 are against the Spurs, Lakers, and Magic - not exactly gimmees.  The road trip includes the annual 5-game east coast swing as well as two visits to Minnesota and one to LA (not the Clippers).  Let's say we go 5-1 at home.  Can the Jazz then go at least 3-6 on the road?  That would give them an 8-7 record for the month which would have to be considered some kind of win given the last two Decembers.

5_mediumGiven that I'm not going anywhere for the long weekend, there could be a DB on Monday.