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The Downbeat - 30 September 2009 - #68 - The Calm Before The Storm Edition

1_medium  Both Teams Played hard ranked the Jazz logo 9th in their current logo ranking project,

It pains me to rank the Jazz logo this high. Nothing personal, Mormons. It’s just that the current design is both highly derivative and worse than the old one — two factors that have greatly contributed to the low rankings given to other logos...

...The result is their new, simple and attractive four-color logo, which, if you replaced the word "Jazz" with the word "Utah," would make a really nice souvenir refrigerator magnet available for $3.99 in the Deer Valley Ski Resort Gift Shop.

As far as you non-Mormon fans go, it's definitely personal.  I can't tell if he likes it or hates it.  I guess since it's 9th, he likes it more than 21 other logos.

Now, if we brought back the note permanently, I still maintain it would be top 3.

2_medium  Boozer is a starter, period.  At least according to him.  I still think he's the starter for now as well, but this could get ugly.  He also stated last April that he was the starter.

At this point, I don't care who starts, I just want Boozer to play well.  But if Sloan feels that Millsap should be starting, we could see the same kind of locker room bad chemistry that we saw last season.

8_medium  From the Orlando Sentinel,

Ranking Point Guards

4. Deron WilliamsUtah JazzToo bad Williams plays in Utah, because that makes him almost invisible to NBA fans on the East Coast. But his 10.7 assists per game last season ranked second in the league.

Could a player possibly have a break-out season in his 5th year after having played at an All-star level for the last three?  Maybe this is the year he'll get national recognition?

4_medium  Still trying to find out if the game tomorrow against Denver will be broadcast on TV anywhere.  Siler's latest post doesn't look good.  The Jazz also don't know if they'll be holding an open scrimmage like they have up in Boise.

No pre-season TV and no scrimmage would make for some very unhappy Jazz fans.

5_medium  I wonder who of those with non-guaranteed contracts will make the trip to London and Madrid.  It could tell us who will have a leg up on a possible roster spot.  Of course, if everyone goes, then we don't learn anything really.

Just about 36 hours until the first action of the year.