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The Downbeat - 7 September 2009 - #52 - The Working On Labor Day Edition

1_medium Our comments per reader ratio is going to have be way up today.  With the American holiday, we'll need everyone else to chime in.  If you haven't commented before, here's your chance.

2_medium  If you want to follow Kosta with the Greek team, they kick off in a couple of hours (14:30 local time in Poland).  This is the best site I found for info.  And it looks like you'll be able to watch it on FIBATV.  It doesn't look like the tourney wraps up until the 20th of this month.  That doesn't give Kosta much time to get back and hoopin' it up with the rest of the team.

8_medium It's HOF week.  Head to for all of the coverage.  I'll have stuff up starting tomorrow.  Really can't believe it's been 6 years since Stockton retired.  I also learned from one of the Sunday-night sports shows that Malone will be on hand as they intend on inducting the 1992 USA Dream Team.  Is Malone the last of that team not to be inducted?  And don't mention Laettner.

4_mediumLooks like Harp will be back in town next week:

Harpring will return to Utah later this week and expects to sit down with the Jazz early next week to discuss his future with the franchise.

The possibility of him not playing next season — for which he is under contract to make $6.5 million — remains an option under consideration.

I wonder who becomes the bruiser if he retires.  It sure looks like he's leaning that way.

5_medium  If BYU can take out Oklahoma, the Jazz can take out the Lakers, right?