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The Downbeat - 8 September 2009 - #53 - The _________ Edition

1_medium2_medium   I must, not, cry.

2_medium  Thanks to @Sixers4guidos for the social studies lesson.  I had no idea about their ongoing dispute over the name Macedonia.  As such, Greece doesn't recognize them as Macedonia.  The best part from their game yesterday was that when showing the game on Greek TV, they covered up the team's name,

Oh, and the KOOF had 6 points, 1 board, 1 destroyed ball, 3 destroyed baskets, and 2 blocks in 9 minutes of action as Greece blew out ____________.  Up next is Croatia.

8_medium  Good news for the month of January is that of  the team's 14 games, only 5 are on the road.  Those 5 are Memphis, Dallas, Denver, San Antonio, and Portland.  The optimist in me tells me that they could win two of those games.  They should be able to beat the Grizz and they always play Denver tough @Denver.  I think that Wasatch Front aura still has a little bit of an effect in Colorado.

Really, the only game that should give us a problem at home is Cleveland.  So if I'm optimistic about a road game, we'll go a little pessimistic at home.  Let's say they go 8-1 at home and 2-3 on the road.  10 & 4 would a great record.

And who knows, maybe if we have a trade at the end of December like two years ago, we can put together another 10+ winning streak.

4_medium  Looking forward to next year's HOF class, besides Karl, I think the Jazz need to nominate Larry H. Miller as well for his contribution to the game.  His biggest contribution of course is showing how to run a small-market team in the huge arena that is NBA basketball.  And not just run it, turn the franchise into a model team.  How great would it be to have four Jazz men go into the HOF in two consecutive years?

5_medium I tweeted about this a couple of days ago, but didn't hear anything back.  Is anyone planning on going to the Dodge Barrage this Saturday?  I have prior arrangements, so I won't be able to go.  If anyone is planning on going or participating, I'd like to see if you would do a FanPost on it.