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Jerry Sloan and John Stockton to be introduced into the HOF by Charles Barkley & Isiah Thomas.

UPDATE:  Thanks to prodigal_punk for the update,  Looks like they chose their presenters.

So no Jazz-relation at all, huh?  I can understand having Barkley to a point.  He at one point I believe wanted to come to the Jazz as a free agent, but we had a PF already.  Coach Sloan was the biggest reason why he wanted to come here.  Can you imagine what that would have been like?




But I am completely dumbfounded at having Isiah Thomas introducing Stockton.  Really, is this the guy we want introducing the greatest PG of all time:



Hardly.  Besides the obvious, the two have nothing in common other than being a PG.  It kind of tarnishes things for me a bit really.

And honestly, I would have thought that Barkley's recent legal troubles would have kept him from presenting as well.  I'm actually fine with him though.  I would have preferred to have had Dantley or Magic or someone.  Weird choices all around.

Well at least next year, Stockton and Sloan can be there for Malone and possibly LHM and/or Hot Rod.