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The Downbeat - 9 September 2009 - #54 - The 999 Edition

1_medium2_medium  My HOF posts on Stockton and Sloan will be coming tomorrow.  As far as Stockton goes, it seems like so long ago that he was playing and yet it was just yesterday.

As far as Sloan, how remarkable is it that he's getting into the HOF without ever having won a Coach of the Year award?

2_medium Kosta had 10 points and 2 boards on 4/5 shooting in 13 minutes.  The one miss came on a missed layup but he got the putback.  They play Israel today at about 1:15 MDT.  Koof could be getting more minutes as Greece has their group wrapped up.

8_medium February is a shortened month for the Jazz with only 13 games because of the All-star game.  The home/away games are pretty split, as closely as you can split 13 anyway, with 7/6.  Dallas, Portland, Denver, and LA area the bigger games, but the Jazz should be able to pull those out.  Trips to Portland and Houston are the tougher road games (relatively speaking for the Jazz).  I'll go with 7-0 at home and go crazy saying 3-3 on the road.  So that's a 10-3 record for the month.

4_medium I don't think I can think of anyone who would be less likely of a coach.

5_medium  So when should this spot be changed to 32?  When Boozer is traded?  Now?  Keep it?