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The Downbeat - 11 January 2010 - #141 - The 011110 Edition

1_medium Can't think of a stretch of better home games than this week if you want to see some of the biggest stars and best games. Miami, Cleveland, and Milwaukee. Wade, LeBron, and Jennings/Bogut. Being Eastern Conference teams, this will be the only time to see them.

I might have to see if I can get away to one. Hopefully we have a good showing at the ESA. Can't believe I have to even say that.

2_medium Hmm, no tweeting from Deron in a while. I guess it was getting old saying "tough game, we'll get the next one" after each loss. Maybe the novelty has worn off? CJ Miles on the other hand...

But if he's a little more focused now, I'll go without another update for the rest of the season.

8_medium Take your phone out of your pocket right now and text Deron Williams to 69622. Now text Nash to the same number.

Now go buy another phone and repeat.

4_medium Captions please,



5_medium Quick poll, how many people access SLCDunk from their mobile devices? Not for marketing purposes, I promise. Just curiosity.