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Game Thread - Miami Heat @ Utah Jazz

It's time to change some things. You see, Dwyane Wade doesn't lose to the Jazz, ever. There was one exception, but overall he's 10-1 against Utah. His lowest scoring output against us is 20 points. Most teams struggle against Wade and the Jazz struggle against 2 guards anyway, but this is ridiculous.

In that one win, it was the starters for the Jazz that scored all but 10 of the team's 110 points. I would like to think that our bench is much better than it was then and that will probably be the biggest key to the game. Can we score on the second unit and for the 12 minutes or so a game that Wade sits?

We'll be thin at PG tonight as Price sits out for his shoulder injury so Deron will probably be around the 42 minute mark provided his wrist holds up. In the best-case scenario, we see the Jazz get out to a huge lead and we see Deron play no more than 30 minutes with Gaines and others holding down PG duties.

It's the Heat.... Jazz..... and the awkwardness of possessive proper nouns.