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The Downbeat - 12 January 2009 - #142 - The Defensive Edition

1_mediumHoward Eisley with Ahmad Rashad during the 1998 finals,

2_medium  And here's of course the three that was called off that year along with Harper's shot that was allowed.  Stupid Bavetta.  It wasn't even close.



8_medium  You know what to do here

4_medium  Hall of Fame nominations for 2010 are in by now.  I'm sure Karl Malone's name was submitted by the Jazz.  I've got an email in though to see if they submitted LHM as a contributor to the game.

5_medium Right now the Jazz are a top ten defensive team according to their defensive rating (how many points they allow per 100 possessions).  Tell me when did you think you'd be able to say that?  And then look at the teams above them (You'll have to scroll down a bit and click on the DRtg header to sort).