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Marc Stein: Dallas Mavericks Offered Up Cap Space For Carlos Boozer

Glad they didn't do it,

Utah general manager Kevin O’Connor loudly insisted Monday that those of us who presume that the Jazz will do anything they can to get under the luxury-tax line between now and June 30 have it way wrong.

The Dallas Mavericks got the same message when they tested Utah’s resolve early last week.

The Mavs made a long-shot attempt to convince Utah to part with Carlos Boozer by proposing an all-about-money trade that would have provided the Jazz with another sizable chunk of payroll relief to follow up the significant savings from their recent swap with Oklahoma City, has learned.

Yet sources close to the situation say that the Jazz weren’t about to be tempted.

This gives us a taste of what the Jazz are getting in offers and if this is a good example, then we're not going to see Boozer traded any time soon.  It's going to take some desperation on the another team's part before they're going to give up talent + cap space to land Boozer.

So it looks like Boozer is here to stay, especially when you read the quote about Sloan not wanting the FO to do anything with Booze until the free agency deadline.  Yes, the free agency deadline.

Get ready to make another run at the second round!