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The Downbeat - 13 January 2010 - #143 - The Mutumbo Edition

1_medium Found out that the Jazz have indeed nominated Malone for the HOF.  No surprise there.  It doesn't sound like they did for Larry H Miller.

There have been talks to commemorate LHM's passing but nothing for sure yet.

2_medium Given the Boozer-Dallas news earlier today, do you think there exists a scenario that gives the Jazz both talent and cap space?  Or is it going to have to be one or the other?

8_medium  You know what to do here (just another week or so)

4_medium Sundiata Gaines' 10-day contract expires on Friday so I would expect to hear soon whether they're going to extend that into another.

After going 1-7 in his first game, Gaines is 4-6 in his last three games in the limited minutes he's seen.  He had 5 assists in that first game but only one since then.  However, he played 20 minutes in that first game bu hasn't played 17 minutes total in the last three.

I'm guessing he's around for another 10-dayer at least.

5_medium  Jazz hands!  We don't have a count on deflections, but the Jazz have had an uptick in steals and blocks.  Over the last 10 games, they're averaging 8 steals and 6, count them, 6 blocks a game.  They had been averaging about 7 and 4 before that.

Steals and blocks alone don't necessarily mean good defense, but what they both do for the Jazz is allow them to get out and run.  Steals obviously are turnovers, but more times than not, those blocks are quickly outletted to Deron for a break so they're almost as good as a steal.  That in turn provides for good offense.

So maybe that defensive mantra is finally taking hold?