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The Downbeat - 14 January 2010 - #144 - The "Is It The Shoes?" Edition

1_medium So I'm a little late with this, but EA sports is bringing back NBA Jam (but only for the Wii dangit). You're going to be able to vote for the three players you want on the team. They have the first three teams up now.

So who should it be for the Jazz? Deron is a given. But with the uncertainty of the roster going into next year, I don't know who else. The New York Magazine has Deron, Boozer, and AK. With all of the movement of players around the league this summer, I don't know how you can vote right now, especially when some of the biggest names are going to be gone. If you vote for Boozer now yet he's gone after the season, how quickly can they replace him?

I'm assuming Boozer is gone. If that's the case I'll take Deron, Memo (three-point shooting), and AK. I struggled with AK and Millsap but decided that AK would look better pixelated and flying in for a dunk from the three-point line.

One of the phrases from the old game was "Grabs the rebound!" Regardless of where Boozer is playing, they need to include "Grab it ________!" just for him.

I just hope they keep the simplicity of the original game and don't overdo it. That's what made it great. And if they want to throw in an in-game cheat or locked bonus where you can play the original, that would be fantastic.

2_medium Speaking of Millsap, remember this time last season when he was tearing it up? He's down a bit statistically in some areas and up in others. His FG% is higher as well as his FT%. But his PER and rebounding % is down. He plays some with Boozer on the court so that probably explains why those two are down. Overall I think he's playing at about the same level as last season

It would be interesting to see where he would have been had Boozer not opted back in.

8_medium With just two clicks a day (that's just 60 clicks a month), you can sponsor Deron Williams and Steve Nash, and help these souls get to the All-star game.

For for a many clicks as you make viewing youtube videos or downloading songs, you can help these players feel loved.

Won't you please vote for them, today?

4_medium The two main power rankings I follow are out. First, Mike Prada from SBNation puts the Jazz at #13 (up from 16) and he nails this portion again,

What gets me is how unprepared the Jazz seemed for Carlos Boozer opting in last year and throwing their tax bill through the roof. As soon as Boozer got hurt last year, they should have realized he probably wasn't opting out. Instead, they acted as if they were crossing their fingers hoping for the best.

And the Jazz finally crack BDL's top 10 again,

5_medium I saw this about the top ankle breakers in the game today. Deron is listed of course but I got to thinking that I don't think I've seen a Jacque Vaughn, Kirk Hinrich, Jason Terry type crossover from Deron this year. He's had some like he did when he went past Wade in Miami for the dunk, but I don't remember any that made the other guy look silly. Am I forgetting one?