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Game Thread - Cleveland Cavaliers @ Utah Jazz

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LeBron James signs with the Jazz
LeBron James signs with the Jazz

Whatever Yahoo! Sports says goes, remember that. Hope he doesn't mind signing for the MLE.

As I was looking through the stats for something to bring up, one thing that stood out to me about LeBron (other than his 7.8 travels that aren't called per game), is his ridiculously low fouls per game. He averages just 1.7 a game and has 68 total for the year. Fesenko gets that many in his 5 minutes a game.

That just seems way low for the position he plays. I found some guards like Nash, Martin, and even Ronnie B that play comparable minutes with about the same fouls per game. But then I found AK with about 30 minutes per game and about 1.8 FPG. So it's probably low for his position, but it's probably a result of his skill level as not any NBA ref conspiracy. Dang it. So maybe I was just looking for something to jump on him for.

I stand by my travels-but-not-getting-called per stat game though.

It's not hard too see why they're one of the best, if not the best team in the league. Having LeBron helps a bit. But they play well on both sides of the ball. They really don't have an Achilles heel. They do turn the ball over more than normal. They're also a below-average free-throw shooting team.

So can the Jazz exploit that in some way? Well, if they can get their offense going through fast breaks, that would be a plus as the Cavs are one of the best half-court defenses in the league.

I don't know if the Jazz are going to be able to stop the Cavs on offense despite our recent stretch of good defensive play. But the Cavs do jack up a lot of threes so it will be important to grab those rebounds. But this may turn into a track meet should the Jazz keep up their recent offensive output.

Should be a great game.

Could this be last game we see James in a Cavs uniform at the ESA?