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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Denver Nuggets

I've talked about the Jazz having a run of about 15-20 games of playing good basketball before determining if they've turned things around or if it's just fool's gold.

I'm not saying they have to win every game during that stretch, but you'll be able to tell if they're still playing at the level they have over the past couple of weeks.

The bizarro Jazz defense that we've seen lately will get one of its biggest tests since Cleveland. The Nuggets have the second rated offense in the league in terms of points per 100 possessions.

Denver also has notable Jazz killers in Nene and Ty Lawson, the latter of which will unfortunately be returning from injury tonight.

The Jazz have already lost twice to Denver this year. Would be nice to pick one up to not only gain on them in the NW, but to salvage any tie-breaking scenarios should things come down to that. We play them again for the last time next month.