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The Downbeat - 19 January 2010 - #147 - The Real 19th Edition

1_medium Maybe Deron is going on a tweeting hiatus until the Jazz win 5 in a row as well?  Maybe it lost its charm once the first round of all-star voting was released.  I think this whole thing might be affecting him more than we thought.

2_medium  The game Sunday against the Nuggets was the first Sunday game of the regular season for the Jazz.  Of course they don't have any Sunday home games and they only have three all season.

Another scheduling quirk is that all of their Thursday TNT games have been at home so far. They have one more game on TNT and that one is at PHX.

8_medium Thanks for letting me mail it in with this spot for all-star voting awareness.  Today will be the last day.  Let's hope that T-Mac isn't in.

If he does get in, I wonder if he gives up his spot.  If he does, I think Deron gets in in either case.

Starters are announced this Thursday.

4_medium  Good stuff from Siler if you haven't already read it.  He gives out a midseason report on each of the players.  In addition to a poignant statement about Okur, here's the biggest thing I think about this team,

Andrei Kirilenko: If only the Jazz could get from Kirilenko every night what they did at Madison Square Garden in November against the Knicks. Kirilenko still has the capability to be a difference maker for the Jazz but his inconsistency seems to mirror the team’s.

5_medium AK wants to stay with the Jazz after his contract is up.  I'd really like to see #47 retired with the Jazz if for no other reason that who else can really wear that jersey now?