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Deron Williams Shuts Down His Twitter Account UPDATE: Website is for Mobile phones

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dwill no twitter
dwill no twitter

Well, now we know why we haven't been getting any tweets from Deron lately.  From Ross Silers' Twitter account (of all places),

Read from the bottom up,

They got 2,000 people a day signing up during Williams' 25 Days of Christmas promotion and are hoping to build on that success.

The hope is to encourage fans to register at the site and get updates sent directly to their phones.

Williams is the first NBA player working with a company whose technology can make his site compatible across all smartphone platforms.

He's focusing efforts on a new component to that will take advantage of some pretty cool new technology.




For those interested, @D_Will_8_4real shut down his Twitter account effective today.

It will be interesting to see what the new tech involves.  I wonder if he'll get the 27K+ followers on his site as he does on Twitter though.  This seems to be a huge step down marketing-wise.  It's free promotion.  I don't see the harm in keeping it.  At the least he could push out whatever he's doing now to twitter.

We'll see how well this goes and see if other athletes follow if this is a success.

I will be doubly sad as Deron used to follow me on Twitter and it was a huge ego boost.  No more.

[Note by Basketball John, 01/19/10 12:46 PM MST ] UPDATE

You can go to for the new app.

[Note by Basketball John, 01/19/10 12:53 PM MST ] UPDATE2

Funny that his site still has a link to follow him on twitter