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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ San Antonio Spurs

So, do you want to sweep together?

Gwen: I don't envy you Todd. The place is going to be a mess.

Todd: Maybe you can stick around after everybody leaves and we can sweep together.

Kramer: "Why don't you stick around and we can sleep together."

George: What?

Kramer: "You want me to sleep with you?"

Todd: I don't want to sweep alone.

Kramer: He says "I don't want to sleep alone." She says, oh boy, "love to."

George walks across the room over to them.

George: So you're getting rid of me and now the two of you are going to sleep together?

Gwen: What? You're crazy.

Kramer: "What? You're crazy."

George: I heard your whole conversation.

Gwen: How?

Kramer: "How?"

George: (looks back to the group) I can read lips. You said let's sleep together.

Gwen: No I didn't. I said "sweep". Let's sweep together, you know with a broom. Cleaning up.

Kramer: "... with a broom, cleaning up."

George: Sweep?

Gwen: Yes sweep.

Kramer: "Yes sweep."

George: Cut it.

Kramer: George says "Cut it."

George: Cut it.

Kramer: George is saying "Cut it."

George: Cut it. (goes back to the group) (Yelling) Would you stop signing? She said "sweep together" you idiots, not "sleep together."

Laura's mouth is wide open. She looks at Kramer and points to George. She is mad at Kramer. Aparently she did say sweep and Kramer mis-translated. She signs to Kramer.

Kramer: I know how to sign.

Kramer and Laura are arguing back and forth with sign language. They are gesturing signs fiercely. One of Laura's signs causes her hand to swing backwards and hit George in the face.

George: Ow. My eye, my eye.

No reason for that other than we can sweep tonight, however unlikely and it reminded me of Seinfeld. Shocking.

Just a reminder of the ban hammer for FIRST! comments or likewise.