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The Downbeat - 21 January 2010 - #149 - The New Age Jazz Edition

1_medium  Maybe the basketball gods didn't read the DB on the 8th?  The Jazz went 4-1 over those next 5 games with the loss being @ Charlotte Memphis instead of @ Dallas.

That was actually a pretty good stretch of basketball by the Jazz.  They won by an average of 16 points per game.

2_medium Hot Rod will be honored on the 29th at halftime when the Kings are in town.  He'll have the press room named after him.  I wonder if we'll hear him on the mic with Locke/Booner/Boler for a bit.

If Stockton and Malone have statues out front of the ESA, can we get a bronzed mic placed permanently at the press table?

8_medium  All-star voting results come out officially at 5 MST today.  I suspect there might be a leak or two.  This is where my mind is going to be all day.

4_medium So with last night's win, the Jazz now improve their road record 8-12.  Not great of course but look at everyone else in the WC right now.  Only three teams, LA, Dallas, and OKC (so much for young teams can't win on the road theory) have winning road records.  Portland is .500.  Everyone else is sub .500.

With recent road wins in Dallas and SA, maybe the Jazz are starting to figure something out.

5_medium  Caption (or photoshop) please