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Game Thread - New Jersey Nets @ Utah Jazz

So this isn't a game that I wouldn't have bought tickets for normally, but they came with the green jersey that I got as a Christmas present. I'm not sure if the tickets were handed out randomly or what.

Suffice to say that you could probably get the Jazz to pay you to come to the game tonight. The ESA has been relatively dead this season and I don't see a lot of turnout for this game. Maybe I can sneak down to the lower bowl at half?

I'm not one to jinx, but this shouldn't be a contest. Especially after learning from Siler that Devin Harris will be out tonight after spraining his wrist last night against the Warriors. Speaking of Harris, his numbers have really dropped off this season. For someone that has been on the rise the past couple of seasons, it's odd to see such a drop off. He was going to be their franchise PG and now they're not so sold on him. Of course they're in a good spot to land John Wall.

I'm looking forward to a fun but relaxing game. Maybe I'll even get to see Sundiata play tonight in the final :45 with the Jazz up 35.

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