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Kosta Koufos' Commute Just Got Longer

According to Steve Luhm, The KOOF is being sent down to the Utah Flash,

The Jazz just announced that second-year center/power forward Kosta Koufos is being sent to the Utah Flash of the NBA Developmental League.

Koufos practiced with the Jazz on Sunday morning. He will report to the Flash in time to play in Monday night's home game against the Maine Red Claws.

It is a bit surprising given that the Jazz barely have 13 players on the roster right now.  Given that he's likely to be placed on the inactive list most nights, having the KOOF in Utah County won't affect their minimum roster requirements.  Should something happen to one of the bigs, it won't be hard to get him back up with the Jazz.

Maybe we can see the KOOF get some skill back with some consistent playing time.  In the limited action he has seen, he's been next to awful.  Man, I was really wrong about him and Fess this year.