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The Downbeat - 28 January 2010 - #154 - The Snub Is Over? Edition

1_mediumSo we learn today who the reserves are tonight. They won't be officially released until they're shown on TNT, but I imagine we'll start seeing some leaks earlier in the day. It's already being reported that Zach Randolph has been picked by the coaches.

Can you believe that? I don't say that as if to mean that he doesn't deserve it. I'm saying that in unbelief that someone that could launch perhaps the worst three in NBA history could now be an All-star. I guess it's taken a few years to wash the dirt of those NY years away.

2_medium If there's a good sign that Deron will make the team, it's that almost every analyst has him making the team. Of course it's not the analysts that do the voting. But if any coaches read anything online at all, maybe there's a tiny bit of influence though. Sloan can't vote for Deron anyway, so we don't have to worry about him reading stuff online.

8_medium Only three teams are really out of the playoff race already in the west: Sacramento, Golden State, and Minnesota. The Clippers are are on the verge of falling out. I don't know if they have enough to make a comeback this late. Still they're only 5 games out of a playoff spot.

In the east, you pretty much have the playoff teams set. They're just going to be jockeying for position.

4_medium In case you missed it in the game recap, according to Siler, Deron stated that the beard is going to stay even if the Jazz win on Friday.

5_medium The Jazz don't have anyone in the slam dunk contest of course, but who would win a team contest? You have would have Ronnie B and Ronnie P. They could both throw down. I think the dark horse would be Matthews. We don't really see any fancy dunks from him in games, but with some of his athletic reverses, I'll bet he could come up with some good stuff. CJ is probably in there too.

So we you got?