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The Downbeat - 29 January 2010 - #155 - The 4th All-star Edition

1_medium  Carlos Boozer had an MRI yesterday around  4 p.m. so we won't find out more about his strained calf until sometime this morning.  I would say the Jazz won't know.  We might not know until this afternoon.

With Deron and Boozer out, it will make the Kings that much tougher.  They're a solid team and while they haven't been playing well lately, Tyreke Evans might run wild without someone to match his size.  Deron had enough trouble with him.  We might see Brewer start on his rather than Price.

2_medium  Great article from Dwight Jaynes via Ball Don't Lie on the first quarter of the Blazers/Jazz game,

Man, the first quarter last night was a thing of beauty for the Utah Jazz — and basketball purists. The Jazz sliced and diced the Portland Trail Blazers, spread them out, isolated them and cut them up, laying them bare at both ends of the court in front of about 20,000 people.

Seriously, the new buzz words for the past several seasons in the NBA are cliches by now… all I’ve heard lately from teams is how they need to find players who can "create their own shot." Yeah, well… I’m old-school. I admit that. But I remember when basketball was a beautiful team game –when it was systems that created shots. And that’s what I saw from the Jazz last night.

8_medium  The best part about Deron making the All-star team?  I don't have to make an angry post about Deron not making the All-star team or argue how he should have got in.  I wrote a bit more at

4_medium Deron's stats for January are down a bit on the season but his FG% is up.  Is there a correlation between his stats going down and the team playing better?

5_medium Lots planned for tonight's celebration for Hot Rod tonight.  Hope we get to hear him on the mic.