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Game Thread - Sacramento Kings @ Utah Jazz

Your leading candidate for ROY, Tyreke Evans, and the Sacramento Kings come into the ESA tonight. They took it to the Jazz the last time they were in Salt Lake City. We almost came back but fell short. Evans had 32 and that was with Deron in the lineup.

The Kings have struggled lately though after having been playing a little above expectations for a bit. They're 2-12 in their last 14 despite getting Kevin Martin back. He too has been struggling this year.

But if there's somewhere for him to get his groove back, it's against the Jazz. He has shot very well against us. Will we see him bust out of his slump tonight? Let's hope not.

We'll likely see Price and Gaines on Martin while Brewer will cover Evans given the size issues. We'll likely see a lot of Matthews as well.

The Kings also have some very formidable big men. So we'll need Memo to pick it up a bit even with AK and Millsap in the paint.

Deron is out as you already know. Boozer is too. It looks like Fess will dress and if we're lucky, he'll get some PT. I wouldn't expect much. One, he's bound to be rusty after his layoff. Two, I don't know how much PT he gets short of Memo getting into foul trouble.

And the KOOF will be dressing tonight. Don't expect to see him unless a break dance contest breaks out at halftime.

Even though we're pretty short-handed, we've seen the Jazz come together and play well. There's a little extra focus with them. If we get a little more of that on top of what we've been getting lately, we should be in good shape.