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The Downbeat - 5 January 2010 - #137 - The Tipping Point Edition

1_medium According to Yahoo! Sports, everyone that doesn't wear #8 for the Jazz are trade-able. Well, that's probably a bad choice of words. They're technically able to be traded but whether anyone is trade-able is another question.

2_medium I think I'm with moni when I don't think 3,000 assists is a big deal. It is, but are we going to count every 1,000 mark? He should pass those almost every season. And I can promise that with the team's recent play and the loss last night, those 3,000 assists mean exactly squat to Deron.

8_medium Speaking of Deron, I think not getting picked by the coaches for the All-star team, coupled with the team's play, could put him into a mild depression.

4_medium Just sent Locke the jinxing guidelines after this tweet last night:

5:32 left in 4th. Jazz trail 77-74. I have no logic for this but I think the#utahjazz get this one.

5_medium Who gets the 13th spot today?