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Utah Jazz to Sign Sundiata Gaines from the Idaho Stampede

via <a href=""></a> Juan Ocampo/NBAE/Getty Images
via Juan Ocampo/NBAE/Getty Images

That's the word from Ross Siler,

Jazz appear set to call up Sundiata Gaines from Idaho of the D-League.

I would call this a mild surprise given that Dontell Jefferson seemed to be the odds on favorite.  I know the Jazz had been up in Boise scouting.  But I would assume

Seems to be a pretty solid pickup.  He's not going to get much PT of course but he's putting up some good numbers for Idaho.  They're pretty close to what Jefferson is putting up.

I'm just stealing these tweets from Siler,

"So I think they’d be getting a very good player, who’s got a lot of upside.”

"He plays real well off the pick-and-roll. He’s got great strength and shooting ability...."

Idaho coach Bob MacKinnon on Gaines: “He’s a young guy, so he’s got a lot ahead of him. He’s an explosive guy...."

Flash coach Brad Jones on Sundiata Gaines: “He is a very tough competitor - - that fits kind of what the Jazz will be looking for."

Dontell Jefferson is still a candidate. Mustafa Shakur also was on the short list. So was Russell Robinson. Kevin Kruger possible as well.

Even after signing Gaines, Jazz could audition No. 3 point guards for the rest of the season, then possibly sign one heading into summer.

Some info from his bio,

2009-10 D-League Statistics

+ 24.00