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The Downbeat - 6 January 2010 - #138 - The Trading Post Edition

1_medium Surprised nobody called me on putting 2009 in the DB for the past couple of days.

2_medium Maybe if we start talking about trades, something will happen.  Here's a proposal from Truth About It.  Click on through for the rationale.

TO UTAH, Washington sends:

Antawn Jamison
Caron Butler
Mike James
Randy Foye

TO WASHINGTON, Utah sends:

Carlos Boozer
Andrei Kirilenko
C.J. Miles


8_medium Some fake trades from the Sports Guy:

1 more to get Celts involved: Chi gets Boozer/M. Daniels (exp); Utah gets T. Thomas/Scal/T. Allen (exp); Boston gets Hinrich. Sign me up!

PS: FT 3 is my favorite even though it would never happen. Boozer/Duncan, white guy for Utah, Rose-/Ginobili + more Chi 2010 cap space. Win!

Fake Trade 3: SA gets Boozer/Fesenko (exp); Chi gets Ginobili/Finley/Korver (exp); Utah gets Hinrich (exp 2012) + James (exp), saves 2.2m.

Fake Trade 2: Boozer/Fesenko/Korver (exp) to Miami for Haslem/Richardson (exp). Saves Utah $2.5 million. Makes Miami intriguing.

Fake Trade No. 1: Boozer/Korver expirings to Charlotte for Diaw/Chandler (both expire 2011). Knocks Utah under tax, Char still under.


4_medium  So Greg Is getting a taste of opening himself up via twitter and now a blog.  There seems to be a mixed reaction.  One is either one of contempt for the way things are going and the other is supportive.

It sure seems from the FO to the players to the fans that there's a lot of disappointment and frustration.  At this point, what's it going to take to turn the entire franchise around?  We're talking top to bottom.  There's not one magic thing that could do it.  The decline in this team hasn't been overnight and I suppose that a recovery won't happen quickly either.  You know, short of trading for LeBron.

5_medium  Trading AK to the Lakers?  Hell no.