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Game Thread - Memphis Grizzlies @ Utah Jazz

Back in November when the Jazz knew how to win, I put up a poll about how you felt since the (then) Jazz had won a few in a row.  The majority of votes were cast for "I no longer want to hang myself, but I'm proceeding with caution."

I'm afraid to put up the same poll now.

Tonight is a game that in years past would be an almost automatic W.  It sure seems as if anybody can beat us in Utah though and Memphis isn't the team they've been before.  In fact, they're just a 1/2 game behind us in the standings.

Zach Randolph is no longer going one on one only to jack up 35-footers.  He's playing some of the best ball of his career and has been a Jazz-killer.

The bad news tonight is that Deron Williams won't play after spraining his wrist in the NOLA game.  The good news?  Deron Williams won't be playing tonight.

Maybe without Deron playing, we can see the team focus and put up a better effort like they did when he was out earlier this year.

With Ronnie P starting at the point, we'll see a lot of ball handlers with AK, Brewer, CJ, and maybe even a little Gaines.  Maybe the team has been sucking on the Williams teat too much this season and this will help wean them a bit. 

So let's get back to the basics.  Take care of the ball.  Take good shots.  Find the open man.  That's not too hard, right?