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The Downbeat - 7 January 2009 - #139 - The PG Edition

1_medium Quote of the night from the Daily Dime from Ronnie P,

I felt like my arm was going to fall off but my team needed me.

I'll take that kind of player on the Jazz any day.

2_medium  The Jazz are undefeated when Sundiata Gaines plays at least 21 minutes.

8_medium  Karl Malone shows up on the "Outdoor Life 25 2010" list for those that have impacted the world of hunting and fishing.  He also weighs in on the whole Gilbert Arenas fiasco.  But after poking around the site, I found this from an interview he gave last year,

Q: When you were playing in the NBA, did you ever have a chance to hunt while you were on the road?


A: I never did, and I never would have. To me that would have been disrespecting my team. In the off-season I hunted like crazy, but when you are in the season you focus on that one thing.

4_medium According to Siler, Price didn't practice today.  Looks like Gaines is going to get his shot to show that he should stay. 

5_medium I wish I could predict how the Jazz will do for the coming week.  Could go 0-5 or 5-0 for all we know.  There are some tough games though.