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What up Dough? (Part Deux)

Okay, this isn’t necessary but now we have a number of new faces on the team, and we have updated scores from the yearly Jazz weigh in. There are some interesting changes here, for sure. Jeremy Evans did not gain any weight at all, for one. I still weigh more than he does. (No, we're not going to do a blogger BMI post anytime soon) Another change is that the Jazz dropped Gordon Hayward down an inch - now that the draft is over we all can get on with our lives. Andrei Kirilenko and C.J. Miles bulked up, which is also nice to see seeing how Raja Bell lost nearly 10 pounds. The biggest changes (in every sense of the word) would be Kyrylo Fesenko losing 20 pounds (and people say he doesn’t work hard . . . you try losing 20 pounds) and Al Jefferson gaining 15.

If anything, this gives you a way better appreciation for John Stockton and Karl Malone showing up to camp at 175 and 256 pounds every season.


Yellow = Point Guards

Blue = Shooting Guards, Small Forwards

Green = Power Forwards, Centers

You can, for the sake of comparison, check out the previous results here.