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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Portland Trail Blazers, Game 2

From no minutes in game 1 to starting in game 2. Ryan Thompson will start along side Deron Williams tonight when the Jazz tip off against the Blazers tonight. CJ will also get the starting nod.

So with a lineup of Deron, Thompson, CJ, Millsap, and Jefferson, AK will be coming off the bench. We'll see if he can't inject a bit of life into that second unit. While we've seen what AK can do while starting, it could be that Jerry brings him off the bench the first few months of the season until Memo returns.

I still think we'll see a bunch of different starting lineups the first few months of the season depending on match-ups. About the only ones with starting spots will be Deron, Sap, and Al. Demetris Nichols was also mentioned in that article about getting some more PT tonight.

Don't expect too much more from the starters than what we saw in game 1. Sometime soon, we'll be able to see the team in moving pictures. I hear it's a fascinating technological discovery. Some say they even have the pictures in color. I hope everyone has taken their Imodium AD, Tums, or whatever you need to get through the next three hours.

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