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Death Blow 2010, Ranking The Utah Sports Radio Personalities, Bolerjack/Parks

In maybe what could be considered our closest thing to an actual Death Blow, David Locke held on to beat Jake Scott by a 16-vote margin. Locke actually trailed for most of the polling period but a late-night tweet probably put him over the top.

There's no doubt been an influx of Locke "discussion" here on the Dunk recently. Despite Locke getting the second-highest rating for the rankings, this poll was surprisingly close and I'm sure the recent discussions have played a part in that.

Everyone's free to feel what they want to about the situation. We can still have civil discourse though and not have any personal attacks. However, I think everyone has gotten everything out of their system so I don't think we'll have any further issue with it. Right? Right?

Anyway, we're finally on to round two. This definitely will be better as off-season thing next time. It seems like this has been going on longer than the entire NCAA tourney.

Every contest, with the exception of two, have been very close.

Anyway, he have some interesting match-ups this time around and each station is still represented.

Up first is another brother/brother battle as the overall top seed Craig Bolerjack takes on Tony Parks. Voting closes at 9 a.m. tomorrow.