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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Clippers

Well, it sucks that we get teased with a televised game only to have it yanked away. Tonight we play someone else other than the Blazers or the Suns.

The Jazz go up against the underachieving Clippers. Blake Griffin was the unfortunate benefactor of the Clipper injury curse. With him back, they should be contending for a playoff spot. They have a ton of talent, we'll see if they can put things together.

We'll get a better test for our big men and particularly for Fesenko. I think big Al will be just fine.

Of course, we're going to be without Deron over the next two games against LA. I'd much rather have him healthy to start the season given our schedule. And really, he already looks good to go. That means we'll see more PT for Gaines, Price, and Watson. The PGs have stepped things up before when Deron has been out.

If you're looking for more game info, Siler has your preview,

Jazz playing the always popular JV game tomorrow as part of annual L.A. preseason shootout. There will be 100 people in stands at tipoff.

Not surprisingly, neither team plays any defense and Jerry Sloan is upset afterward. There, I just wrote everybody's game story.

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