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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Lakers

It's our first look at the Lakers who have re-tooled (becoming even bigger tools) in the off-season adding Matt Barnes, Steve Blake, and Theo Ratliff.

I'm not sure what kind of game we'll see tonight as both teams played last night. I know Sloan won't care but I don't know how much we'll see the Lakers starters tonight. What I am interested in seeing the most is how Bell starts out on Kobe in addition to Big Al going up against LA's bigs. That's right, we get to see this game, but only if you have NBA TV.

@tribjazz is reporting that Elson is still out along with Deron. We won't get any Evans highlights tonight though as he battles the flu. The good news is that @Big_Fess will play tonight. I hope he gets some minutes against LA's first team.

If you can't watch on NBA TV, there's KFAN.

Only three more games to go until the start of the season. We should start to see regular minutes and rotations starting on Tuesday when we play the Lakers again.