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The Downbeat - 20 October 2010 - #342 - The What Does 7-0 Mean Edition

So what does 7-0 in the pre-season? Like I mentioned before, it means everything and nothing. If the Jazz were 0-7, you would have certainly heard by now that the experiment in Utah and with all of the changes, doesn't look like it's working. Maybe they'll come together in a month or so and be okay. That's the sort of thing that you would have read about.

As it is, you hear now that it's only the pre-season. Well, in another week, you won't be able to say that. Pre-season records are meaningless but the play isn't. When the starters and regular rotation guys have been in, they've clicked. There's always going to be something to work on but it appears for now that this team has come together a lot faster than expected.

It looks like Al is going to be just fine after bruising a knuckle last night on a hard fall to the floor. What's weird is that Carlos Boozer reported that he won't be back until the end of December now after hearing the news.

I realize that it was Elson's first game action of the season, but it will be a shame if Fesenko doesn't get the majority of the backup minutes.

Forget the weight loss, spin moves, and last-second drives and dunks. He's looked like he gets it on both ends right now. For the most part, he's been in the right spots and made the right plays. He should be getting most of the minutes with Elson near the end of the bench.

I'm also looking forward to CJ being the first man off the bench and it looks like he is too,

"It allows me to be a little more aggressive. ... And then, when other guys (most of the starters) come back in, I'm in the rhythm of the game more, too. So, it doesn't bother me. Not at all."

He's had a good pre-season as well and I don't recall, in the games that I've seen, any of the old CJ.

Can you tell I'm excited for the regular season to begin?

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