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Jazz Cut Jeffers, Thompson, Gaines, and Nichols.

Ryan Thompson broke the news first,

Aint make the final cut.. This aint the end of the road, gotta make a decision whether or not I gonna do dleague or overseas

News shortly followed from Gennesy and Smith that Othyus Jeffers, Sundiata Gaines, and Demtris Nichols were cut as well. As expected, Jeremy Evans made the team. He likely would have made it anyways, but the Jazz have to have a minimum of 13 players on the roster.

So now, as pointed out by Salt City Hoops, Gaines and Jeffers would go back to their D-League teams while Thompson could end up with the Flash. That is a correction over what I had posted on the Downbeat this morning.

It is a bit weird to see Gaines go after hitting one of the biggest shots in the team's history. It's a rough business. I didn't think we saw enough of Thompson to make a decision though the coaches obviously did. Nichols didn't impress either way. It was reported by Brian T. Smith that Jeffers had the inside track on the 14th spot should the Jazz keep that many.

Evans though has put up some good numbers, especially in the rebound department. Being a big man (at least in length) also probably was in his favor as Memo recovers from an injury.

Even if one or more of them had been cut, they weren't going to get any PT and would have come at an extra cost for the Jazz. Should the team get hit by an injury, they would be able to sign one of them, or someone else, for the time they need instead of keeping them on the payroll.

They could all very well end up somewhere in the NBA this season. I hope all of them get their chance.