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Death Blow 2010 - The Final Death Blow



Well, sometimes it's all about getting out the vote deleting your PC cache and voting multiple times. Bolerjack, who was the overwhelming #1 seed going into Death Blow, went down, and went down hard against Spencer Checketts by a 72-27% margin.

It's not so much the margin of victory that shocked me was that even if someone was trying to sway things for Checketts, there were still only 173 votes for Bolerjack total.

So we have our very own Butler story in the Death Blow tourney.

On the other side, it was a bit more competitive as we saw a minor upset with David taking out David. James over Locke that is. DJ advanced with 57% of the vote.

So now we get the #3 seed in DJ going up against Spencer Checketts (#12) for all of the Death Blow glory. Seeing how Spence has plowed through the tourney, it's certainly looks like a David vs. Goliath match-up.

So, just to mix things up at the end of this and introduce more confusion, I'm going to let you actually deliver the Death Blow this time around.

So, vote for who you want to deliver the Death Blow to (lose). Do not vote for who you want to win.

Voting goes until noon tomorrow!