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Game Thread - Sacramento Kings @ Utah Jazz - Pre-season Game 8

Well, this is it. The last pre-season game of the season, five days before things really get going when we head to Denver.

Ryan Thompson won't get the shot to be on the playing floor tonight with his brother Jason. He's still supporting the Jazz and his brother though.

We'll be without Deron (personal reasons), Memo, and now possibly Bell because of some bursitis oh his rotator cuff.

The game is back on FSN tonight (yes!). We're finally past the point of sans TV coverage. Besides the Jazz, I'm interested to see how the new Kings, DeMarcus Cousins and Hassan Whiteside, play. Whiteside tumbled all the way to the 33rd pick when most thought he would go in the lottery given his height and length. However, it seemed he didn't do well at all in his interviews.

We're almost there.